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Jurgen Klopp don dey beg FIFA to save European football from Saudi League



Liverpool coachie, oga Jurgen Klopp don come outside with two knees for ground dey beg FIFA say make dem do something about Saudi Arabia League and the way dem dey raid players from Europe, especially as their own transfer deadline use 3 weeks take long pass Europe own.

According to oga Klopp, the way Saudi Arabia clubs use money take dey snatch the best players from Europe like sugar daddies dey bad enough, but at least make the whole thing end at once, on September 1 when European transfer window go end.

Instead Saudi League transfer window go remain open until September 20 which is 3 weeks later. And according to oga Klopp, any big players wey dem carry fro Europe during those 3 weeks, the club no go fit replace am again because window don close.

Una remember say after Cristiano Ronaldo join Al-Nassr for December 2022, Saudi Arabia clubs use red eyes take begin raid Europe for some of the best players. And in the space of 2 months, plenty players don dump Europe run go Saudi League on top big money contract.

Jurgen Klopp lose Henderson and Fabinho to Saudi

Chelsea lose big players like Kalidou Coulibaly, Ngolo Kante and Edouard Mendy to Saudi. Big players like Karim Benzema also join Saudi. For Liverpool, 2 of dem midfielders, Jordan Henderson and Fabinho plus even dem legend, Steven Gerard don decamp go Saudi.

And na the fear of losing more players without being able to get adequate replacement naim make Jurgen Klopp dey beg FIFA to try chook eyes inside the matter before water go pass garri. According to the coachie:

Na the worst thing wey fit happen for us naim dey happen so because the way this Saudi people dey operate na only God fit help us. We dey try to survive am which is why I dey call FIFA and UEFA to do something before water pass garri especially for dis matter of Saudi transfer deadline wey go end 3 weeks after our own.

Oga Jurgen Klopp also confess say him no know how dis Saudi matter go later end, whether dem don buy finish abi na Season 1 be dis. But for now na to dey pray make e no bad pass like this.


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