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Transfer News: Bayern dey price Mane like market woman dey price onions



For transfer news this morning, we don dey hear say Bayern Munich don ready to launch another marriage proposal give Liverpool to take marry dem star player, Sadio Mane comot from the club. According to wetin we hear, Bayern Munich don first bring bride price of 21 million pounds plus extra 4.6 million as jara especially if Mane help dem win Champions League.

But Liverpool don reply Bayern say Sadio Mane bride price na 42.5 million pounds so make dem chook hand deep inside dem pocket, bring out better money come take marry better wife because soup wey sweet, na money finish work inside the pot. We hear say dem don dey prepare to increase the bride price to 30 million pounds say Insha Allah, Liverpool go collect am like that because things hard for everybody.

Mane contract with Liverpool remain only 1 year and the bobo don kukuma clear Liverpool oga and fans say him no wan sign new contract because the good people of Senegal want make him carry all him kaya put inside keke waka leave the club with immediate alacrity.

Man City dey plan do introduction on top Saka matter

We don dey hear with one ear say Manchester City don dey plan to carry drink come Arsenal to do introduction on top Bukaya Saka head. E jus be like say Man City wan use the anger of losing one wife take marry plenty because since Gabriel Jesus finalise say him wan divorce City after 5 years of marriage, dem don use anger take enter market sign Erling Haaland and now dem don dey plan igbankwu for Saka matter.

Na Saka be Arsenal best player of the season and Arsenal no ready to lose that bobo. Liverpool don toast am before, sotay dem even use Champions League football take dey tempt am. Na dat Champions League football anybody fit take toast Saka comot from Arsenal because player wey good like that suppose dey play UCL steady.

Leeds don hammer 55m bride price on top Raphinha head

As Barcelona don dey eye Raphinha, Leeds United don come outside dey warn dem say, if una no get 55 million pounds for akant, abeg no do mistake toast dat boy because we no go sell. And una see dat 55 million, 1 naira no go comot inside because we no dey sell crayfish here.

Barca been dey pray make Leeds go relegation so dat dem fit bring small money use take marry Raphinha sharp sharp but dem ticket cut on top the matter because Leeds survive and now dem don use open eyes take dey draw ear give Barca and anybody else wey dey reason the bobo say make dem no try am unless dem hold money like Obi Cubana.

Liverpool don give up on top Gavi matter

This transfer news no go complete if we no nak una this tory say Liverpool don finally give up on top dem plan to marry Gavi wey be sweet young wife from Barcelona after the bobo finally agree to sign new contract extension with Barca.

Upon say Liverpool ready to pay the full release clause of 43 million pounds for the bobo head, Gavi wey dey just 17 years don decide say him too young to marry and him wan stay him papa house small, learn one or two things before him finally decide whether to move out or not. As e be now, Barca don ready to nak new ogbonge release clause of 857 million pounds on top the small boy head.

Na the full transfer news as e dey hot we don nak una so. Make una enjoy una day.

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