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Argentina World Cup celebration end in tears as 1 fan lose him life



My people this one na very bad story as we don dey hear now say Argentina World Cup celebration don end in sorrow tears and blood after one fan lose him life during the celebration. Another fan dey fight for him life for Igbobi still on the matter.

Una know say Argentina win the 2022 World Cup wey shele inside Qatar after beating France for the final wey many people dey call the greatest World Cup final ever. And as the players return to dem country yesterday naim the fans for the capital come outside dey do carnival, throw party and people full street to celebrate them.

Na for that carnival naim one fan die sara after him climb on top roof dey play music dey jump up and down not knowing say the zinc wey dem take do the roof don rust finish and e no strong at all. Na as the bobo dey jump up and down naim the roof break wey make am crash down break head for ground. By the time don rush the bros go hospital, him don already log out of this world.

Argentina players and fan use carnival take celebrate dem World Cup win

Another fan dey fight for him life for hospital after him try to jump from on top bridge on top the open bus wey the players take dey do parade. As the bobo no land well naim him hit the edge of the bus, somersault hit for ground, gbosa.

Another fan wey try to jump too suffer the same thing and right now the bobo dey ICU for hospital dey fight for him life.

Na because of all this calamity and the fact say everywhere later choke wey the bus wey carry the players no fit move again naim make the Argentina players and officials cancel the movement. Las las na helicopter dem take come carry the players from there comot.

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