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Na fake World Cup trophy Messi carry take break Instagram record



My people no be small something dey shele because we don dey hear now say that World Cup trophy wey Lionel Messi carry take dey buga dey pepper everybody even use am take break Instagram record, na the fake World Cup trophy be that.

Una know say Messi conclude the final chapter of the GOAT debate after him captain Argentina win the 2022 World Cup wey shele inside Qatar. Messi also win the best player of the tournament after collecting 5 man of the match awards, assist king and and assistant top goal scorer.

So after Argentina win the World Cup wey players, them family and fans begin celebrate the win dey take pictures, as Messi collect the World Cup trophy again to take picture with am, the Argentina players rush am, lift am up begin hail am as the king.

When Messi share the picture for Instagram, the thing quickly break record to become the most liked picture ever for Instagram with more than 74 million likes. But as we don dey hear now, that particular trophy wey Messi carry inside that picture na fake.

Na Di Maria later show Messi say the World Cup trophy wey him take dey gawu na fake

According to the tory, FIFA don collect the original trophy after Argentina players use am take picture for stage finish but the players no know. So when the fake one wey 2 Argentina fans don replicate to give the players to sign for them find way enter the pitch, the players kuku use that or thinking say na the real one.

According to the 2 fans wey bring am, then ask one man wey dey make trophies for Argentina to make the trophy and na 6 months the man take to take produce the fake make am look like the original. And them plan na to get the players to sign on top for them.

Luckily, na Angel Di Maria later discover say na the fake World Cup trophy be that and when him show am to Lionel Messi, na laugh them two just laugh about am. Las las, who don win World Cup don win am.

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