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Thomas Tuchel don warn Graham Potter say nobody send your papa for Chelsea



Former Chelsea coachie, oga Thomas Tuchel don come outside dey shake head and draw ear give the current Chelsea coachie, oga Graham Potter say: I see all the shalaye wey you dey explain after losing to Arsenal and Manchester City. Very nice. But the truth be say, nobody send your explanation for Chelsea.

Una remember say Chelsea play correct igbakugba wey dem take lose 1-0 to Arsenal for Stamford Bridge on Sunday. After that match naim oga Potter, during post-match press conference, admit say true-true, Arsenal better pass Chelsea and the two clubs no dey the same level.

Chelsea then play Manchester City for Carabao Cup last night inside Etihad and although them try this time, then still 2-0. This time, Graham Potter praise him players say them try well well and say him like the courage wey them show even though them lose.

Graham Potter don lose 3 out of him last 4 matches and Chelsea fans don dey doubt whether this man really fit carry them comot from Egypt so

Na diswan don make Thomas Tuchel come outside dey shake head say, all those things wey Potter dey talk so na the wrong answer wey Chelsea owners wan hear. According to the former PSG and Dortmund coachie: you don lose 3 out of your last 4 matches and you still dey speak big big grammar? Bros no be so o.

“Ordinarily, if you lose one match, you are not allowed to lose another match until when e don tay small. But when you lose 2 matches in a row and lose 3 out of 4 matches, for a club like Chelsea, my brother na your sack letter naim you dey play with so. Nobody go trust your process because your process dey carry them go where them no know.”

Oga Tuchel say it’s all well and good if Potter himself believe in him own process. If him dey come training on time and dey enforce discipline inside the team. But if all those things no dey bring result and na so so L-L-L naim full dem result, problem don dey be that.

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