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Barcelona warn dem LGBTQ fans make dem no try am for Saudi Arabia



As Spanish FA don carry dem Super Cup to go play for Saudi Arabia so, Barcelona don dey draw ear give dem LGBTQ fans say, as una dey enter Saudi so, all those una LGBTQ serenre wey una dey do, make una no carry am enter here because if dem catch you, na OYO be your name.

Barcelona go play Osasuna for the semi final of the Spanish Super Cup wey go shele inside Riyadh for Saudi Arabia which mean say many of dem fans go travel from Europe enter Saudi to come watch the match. While the local Saudi fans no get problem, na the fans wey come from Europe, especially those LGBTQ fans naim wahala dey.

And now Barcelona don come outside dey tell those fans say even though dem don swear say dem no go gree for anybody dis 2024, once dem enter Saudi, you must to gree for dem otherwise problem go dey. According to wetin Barcelona tell dem LGBTQ fans:

Saudi no be Europe o, so if una wan do una man to man and woman to woman love nwantinti, make una no try am for public otherwise see you see Kirikiri. In fact, even if you no be LGBTQ but you dey support dem, try make you no carry anything like rainbow colour or any other things wey show your support otherwise na problem o. Even for social media sef no try am unless dem go find you come. In short respect Saudi Arabia law and behave yourself.

Real Madrid don already qualify for the final of the Spanish Super Cup after dem beat Atletico Madrid 5-3 last night. So dem go jam the winner of today match between Barcelona and Osasuna.

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