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We buy ticket for Super Eagles to give us joy, instead them increase our anger – fans



After the Super Eagles of Nigeria lose 1-0 to Guinea Bissau last night for Abuja, fans don dey react with provocation say in the midst of all the problems and suffer wey them dey face inside the country, national team no fit give them small joy.

Nigeria host Guinea Bissau for the third match of their Group A AFCON qualifying group. Na Naija been dey top the group with 6 points before the match after beating both Sierra Leone 2-1 and São Tomé 10-0.

Na wetin make many fans believe say the Super Eagles go sweep the group stage clean and no be ordinary Guinea Bissau go stop them for Abuja. But na when match start we begin see am say this Bissau people no come Abuja come help INEC count ballot.

The Super Eagles start well but immediately Mama Balde score the only goal of the match for the 29th minute, e just be like say dem use pin take deflate all Naija players morale. From there na only igbakugba them just dey play until 90 minutes over.

Guinea Bissau score the only goal of the match

Na wetin make many fans don dey react about the match with many of them insisting say the Super Eagles fall their hand kpatakpata. According to one fan, Mudasiru, him carry 2k wey him for take cook pot of soup go pay for match ticket only to return with anger.

”I buy ticket 2,000 to watch Super Eagles beat Guinea Bissau and make me happy, but instead na anger follow me reach house. Na the same thing them do me against Ghana. I no sure say I go watch Super Eagles match again.”

Another fan, Jerry, say make we no dey whyne ourself again, Naija no get national team because foreign-based players dey feel like Alhaji and coachie no dey ever invite home-based players wey still dey hungry pass lion.

”Peseiro suppose know by now say the earlier him begin integrate home-based players for the team the better for us. Home base players still get hunger for success unlike those foreign based players wey believe say them don arrive.”

As for another fan, Ogugua say the problem na that Abuja stadium because that stadium na neutral ground. According to am, the stadium always scanty whenever Super Eagles dey play match and the fans no dey connect with the players. So him dey recommend Uyo stadium.

Super Eagles currently dey 2nd for the Group A qualifying table with 6 points. Na Guinea Bissau dey top the group now with 7 points.

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