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After 7 years inside wilderness Top 4 na the best trophy for Arsenal – Guardiola



‘Na today we go show Arsenal say na placeholder them be’ - Guardiola

Manchester City coachie, oga Pep Guardiola don come outside dey console Arsenal fans say make dem no too reason am say dem club don lose dis Premier League title because after 7 barrens years, to qualify for Champions League na the best trophy wey dem fit win.

Arsenal don dey top the table since when league start till towards the end when e just be like say village people finally open their pot with just 10 games to go wey make dem begin off and on anyhow like Nepa.

First dem squander 2-0 lead allow Liverpool equalise 2-2 for Anfield. Na the same thing happen again for when dem visit West Ham as dem squander 2-0 lead against West Ham allow dem return back draw 2-2.

Just as the fans dey reason say make dem try beat those ones since na away games, the one wey worse pass come happen for Emirates as dem allow Southampton wey dey fight relegation to score 2-0, equalise 2-2, allow Soumptom score 3-2 before finally drawing the match 3-3.

Arsenal go later struggle to finish Top 4 - Premier League critic

Na Arsenal be their own problem as them don squander all dem opportunity to win the league

But the most painful one na when dem travel go Etihad to go jam Manchester City for wetin many people believe say go be title decider, only for City to completely destroy Arsenal 4-1.

With 2 matches outstanding for Man City and just 2 points behind Arsenal, many fans believe say the boys don fock up. Na diswan make oga Guardiola come outside dey encourage dem say no be so, after all, to finish Top 4 na trophy, according to Arsene Wenger.

”Many Gunners dey provoke say the season don worwor unto say dem lose Premier League title but if you check am, this season na big success for the club because after 7 years, dem don finally qualify to chill with the big boys for Champions League. Na the most important trophy for them be dat.”

Guardiola say with dis Top 4 finish, the best players go wan join Arsenal, people wey wan sponsor go pay more money, TV rights money go enter, the club go dey move ahead. And right now, all that one don sure for the club so the season no bad after all.

Manchester City go return back to the top of the league if dem beat West Ham for their match tonight.

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Victor Osimhen refuse to play penarity for Napoli after TikTok admin use am do yeye



Victor Osimhen apologise to Napoli coachie

My people e be like say Naija striker, Victor Osimhen don comot body from penarity matter for Napoli. Dis na because when Napoli win penarity kick for dem first goal during dem match with Udinese last night, when everybody dey expect Osimhen to carry tha ball play the thing as Napoli penarity taker, the 24 years old striker no even near there.

Na diswan make him Napoli teammate, Piotr ZielinskI carry the ball, convert the penarity to make am 1-0 for Napoli. Na Victor Osimhen score the second goal as the Serie A defending champions finally win the match 4-1.

Una remember say gbege burst during Napoli last match when dem draw 0-0 with Bologna. As the club dey hustle for goals during that match naim ref nak dem penarity. As dem penarity taker wey him be, Victor Osimhen step up only to play the ball off target.

Maybe Na diswan make coachie, Rudi Garcia substitute the Super Eagles striker from the match wey make Osimhen provoke hala for the coachie. Although the boy later apologise to the coachie and him teammates, da wan no stop Napoli TikTok people from using one short video take yab the boy.

FIFA nominate Victor Osimhen for the 2023 Best Player Award

Inside the video, dem show Osimhen dey beg for penarity and when dem give am the penarity, him troway am. The video contain all dis baby-baby voice wey dey pain well well if na you dem dey use am against. The TikTok video provoke many Naija people wey make dem vex go pressurize Napoli until dem delete the video.

The thing pain Victor Osimhen well well too wey make him agents release statement say dem ready to sue Napoli for dat kind nonsense behaviour. Although the bobo show professionalism to still turn up for dem match last night despite the provocation, him refuse to shake hands with some of him teammates. And now, the boy don comot body for anything penarity for Napoli.


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Victor Osimhen apologise to Napoli coachie for him behaviour when dem sub am



Victor Osimhen apologise to Napoli coachie

Napoli striker, Victor Osimhen don knee down for ground dey apologise to him coachie and teammates for the worwor behaviour wey him behave when dem coachie, oga Rudi Garcia substitute am comot during dem 0-0 draw away for Bologna on Saturday.

That particular match tie wrapper well well even as Napoli manage 12 attempts but only 4 naim go on target. As the attack dey shoot off target naim coachie decide to remove Osimhen for the 86th minute even though him score one goal wey VAR disallow.

But the substitution no go well with Osimhen as the Super Eagles striker begin hala for the coachie say why him go remove for dis kind match wey tie wrapper so upon the big striker wey him be. But Victor Osimhen don come outside today dey apologised today dey apologise say him no mean any of those things wey him talk. According to am:

Make una forgive me for all those things wey I talk because na overheating make my blood just dey hot wey make me begin overreact. I no mean anything wey I talk then and na my competitive spirit make me talk those things as e dey pain me say we never fit score for dat match.

‘Sell Maguire, add money buy Osimhen’ - Manchester United fans to Ten Hag

Victor Osimhen score the goal wey give Napoli the league last season

Napoli wey be Serie A defending champions no dey defend dem title well at all because out of five league matches so far dis season, Napoli don win two, draw two and lose one. This form naim carry dem balance for 7th place on top Serie A table with only 8 points.

Alrhough Napoli oga dem say dem still trust the coachie, oga Rudi Garcia to lead dem well, dem don give am warning to begin win matches and get results otherwise sack letter dey wait for am.

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Ramsdale papa say Caragher na agbaya for calling him pikin hater



Ramsdale senior sey Carragher nah disgrace

Arsenal goalkeeper, Aaron Ramsdale papa don tear shirt tear bra onto say Liverpool legend, Jamie Caragher, say him pikin nah olofofo wey dey pretend like sey him dey happy for others but inside their mind, dem dey pray sey the happiness nor last.

This one dey happen after camera capture Ramsdale wey dey for bench dey clap for Raya for one sweet save wey him make for the match between Arsenal and Tottenham wey end for 2-2 draw yesterday.

Carragher come go social media dey say Ramsdale nor actually dey happy for Raya and say the situation be like Oscar awards for people wey dey act film. Him say for the Oscar awards, you go see people wey nor win any award but nah so dem go dey smile and clap for the people wey win. But for their mind, dem dey vex. Caragher say nah exactly wetin Ramsdale dey do.

Ramsdale papa don change am for Carragher

Ramsdale senior sey Carragher sense dey do stop and start

Nah this bad bele make Nick Ramsdale wey be Aaron Ramsdale papa sey Carragher nah disgrace and sey him nor get class like him pikin get. Him sey Carragher nah person wey him sense dey do stop and start.

As e be so, e don clear sey Carragher dey sabi find talk wey talk nor dey. Him pundit work don give am the liver to dey talk to anybody as him like. This Ramsdale matter don become wetin many football people don use know Carragher. We just hope sey dem nor go break him head one day.

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